2017 NBA All-Star Game-Eric Gordon is 3-Point Champ


Eric Gordon is pictured here when he was with the New Orleans Pelicans with a former top US junior who I have played many times. (Courtesy John Beaumont Facebook Page)

Eric Gordon of the Houston Rockets won the 3-point contest at the 2017 NBA All-Star Game this weekend and plays table-tennis. His younger brother, Evan Gordon, played basketball for his college and played table-tennis at the 2016 US Nationals and 2016 US Open and is rated around 2,200 in table-tennis currently which is very impressive for a serious player from another sport.

Evan Gordon played my student, Rahul Vaidun, at the 2016 US Nationals and won 3-0. He told Rahul’s Dad that he had been playing table-tennis for only 6 months and reached 2,000. My guess is that he has played only seriously for 6 months but played a lot before that as I have never heard of someone reaching 2,000 after 6 months of play. It’s likely his basketball helped his table-tennis. I have heard of people reaching 2,000 in 2 years of serious play but never in 6 months. After a rating of 2,000, it becomes much harder to improve every 100 points.

Eric and Evan Gordon in Dusseldorf, Germany (home of the 2017 World Championships)

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