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2019 Newark July Open

The 2019 Newark July Open took place today with players battling in 19 events for trophies and medals. The big winners were the brothers Neel and Tanishq Dhavali, Ritvik Sinha, and William Waltrip who all won two 1st. Other multiple event finalists were Mihika Vangapalli (2 2nd), Yajat Sharma (1 1st, 1 2nd), Mike Sturtevant …


2019 US Nationals

The 2019 US Nationals took place from July 1-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada and Fremont Table Tennis Academy sent 5 students there, with 4 of them playing Nationals for the first time. Sayan Dey came home the big winner as he won two medals, one in singles and one in doubles. He won bronze in …


2019 West Coast Teams

RESULTS: Ratings | Div 1 | Div 2 | Div 3 | Div 4 | Div 5 Next tournament: Entry form (Saturday, July 27 at the Siliman Center) The 2019 West Coast Teams took place at the Siliman Center on Sunday, May 19 featuring 60 players in 2-3 player teams battling across 5 divisions. The …


2019 NorCal March Open

The 2019 NorCal March Open took place Sunday, March 24 at the Siliman Center in Newark featuring age and rating events for participants to battle for 1st and 2nd place trophies and 3rd place medals. Multiple event winners were Aditya Venkatraman, Lucas Wang, Mihika Vangapalli, and Ricardo Amayo. There were lots of great matches throughout …


2019 National Ranking Tournament-LA

I played, or I should say, started to play the first 2019 National Adult Ranking tournament this past weekend in Los Angeles. This tournament means something in selecting team members for World Championships, Pan Am Games, and also the Olympic Team. I have trouble finding players my level to practice with so could not expect …


2018 West Coast Teams in Newark

The 2018 West Coast Teams took place at a great venue, the Siliman Center in Newark on Thanksgiving weekend. There were 4 divisions with teams grouped with other teams of similar levels. Teams started play with crossovers with a chance to move up or down a division. All teams ended up staying in their seeded …


2018 US Nationals-July 2-6-Las Vegas

  I went with 4 students, Stephen, Rishi, Bhavesh, and Arnav to the 2018 US Open in Las Vegas this past week. I have likely been to Las Vegas about 50 times in my life since Nationals and US Open are usually always there. When I was younger, I always went as a player and …


2018 Worlds Veterans Championship-Las Vegas

I played in the Worlds Veterans Championships in Las Vegas yesterday which is the biggest table-tennis event in the world. It features 4,000 players from all corners of the world playing in age categories 40 and up separated by gender and by age groups every 5 years in both singles and doubles. Since I just …


2018 Newark June Open tournament

FULL RESULTS The 2018 Newark June Open took place at the Siliman Center last Saturday, June 16. This is the first of monthly tournaments we plan at the Siliman Center this year. I was happy to hear of compliments about the facility as participants said it was a nice place to play. There were events …


15 Essentials to Being an Olympic Athlete

Here’s an interesting article that mentions 15 essentials to being an Olympic athlete written by a 2-time Olympian: Talent (Nature) Practice (Nurture) Support Network (Friends and Family) Coaching Selfishness Luck Mental Toughness Physical Robustness Physiologists and Physiotherapists Money Time Preparation Nutrition Rest Distractions


NBA Showdown-Warriors vs Houston Rockets and Ping-Pong

The Western Conference Finals are going on right now with arguably the two best teams in the NBA, our local Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets, facing off. The series is tied 2-2 in a best of 7. It’s nice to be a Warriors fan as through all the decades of losing, we have a …


Serena Williams dominates beer pong at Royal Wedding!

Tennis legend Serena Williams channeled her tennis dominance in beer pong at the Royal Wedding! Many in the US have seen her ping-pong commercials with sister Venus for Apple and with local Warriors star Stephen Curry for Chase. CBS Sports | Harpers Bazaar | People [embedyt][/embedyt] [embedyt][/embedyt]  


Fremont TTA 11th Anniversary Party

Fremont Table Tennis Academy celebrated completing 11 years with its 11th anniversary party. There was pizza, cake, chips, drinks, pasta, and more. After dinner, there was a table-tennis themed game which was a mix between Jeopardy and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The 12 first-place team members and the 12 second-place team members all …


Sweden wins first World Team medal since golden generation!

The World Team Championships are going on right now in Halmstad, Sweden and Sweden has reached the Worlds Men’s Team semifinals by defeating England today 3-0 and will face mighty China tomorrow in the men’s team semifinals. This guarantees their first World team medal since Sweden’s golden generation led by Jan-Ove Waldner and Jorgen Persson …


Would Roger Federer have dominated in table-tennis?

Here’s an article focusing on whether Roger Federer would have dominated in table-tennis like he has done in tennis. The people asked include former Newgy robot expert Larry Thoman (who I have dealt with) and he doubts that Federer would have been the GOAT in table-tennis. To be the GOAT in table-tennis, you have to defeat the …


2018 Fremont April Open tournament

The 2018 Fremont April Open took place this past weekend (April 20-22) at the Fremont Table Tennis Academy. 87 players took part in the event including one player from Utah! There were events from Under 50 all the way up to Under 2500. Trophies were given out to the 1st/2nd place finishers in each event …


Arnav Khinvasara takes part in Hopes competition

12-year old Arnav Khinvasara took part in the Hopes competition this past weekend which is a selection for the best kids in the US and world for their age. It was a good chance for me to see him play in competition which I haven’t been able to do since he won 3 singles golds …


2018 Qatar Open-Brazil Challenging China?!

The 2018 Qatar Open was played this past weekend and it was the breakthrough tournament for Brazil’s Hugo Calderano. He was won many competitions in Pan America, had a great run to the final 16 in front of his raucous home crowd at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and has challenged many of the world’s best …


Arnold Classic/National Ranking Tournament in Ohio

  I recently went last weekend to the Arnold Classic tournament and national ranking tournament in Ohio. It was located in Columbus, Ohio where Arnold Schwarzenegger hosts his annual event which consists of many sports including table-tennis. My goal was to play in the national ranking tournament as I wanted to play the top US …