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Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and Ping-Pong

Like all athletes, Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady is very competitive, even on the ping-pong table. Here is a story of a broken paddle after losing a table-tennis match to his wide receiver, Danny Amendola, and his wide receiver’s quote: “He’s the best teammate. He’s so competitive and what not. I remember one story, it …


Atlanta Falcons Big Ping-Pong Playing Team

Many sports teams and athletes in the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NBA play ping-pong for fun and the Super Bowl team , the Atlanta Falcons, are among them. They have 3 ping-pong tables in their locker room and they are often used. Their star wide receiver, Julio Jones, is arguably the best player on their …


2014 US Nationals

The 2014 US Nationals was a great learning experience for all students. 8 and 2 are the numbers for Fremont Table Tennis Academy at the 2014 US Nationals. 8 students and 2 coaches attended 10 (8+2) round of 16 (8*2)  or better finishes 4 ( 8/2) top 8 finishes (quarterfinals or better) 1 (2/2) top …