Private lessons are the fastest way to improve for the amount of time spent. Many students have improved rapidly and either seen their rating increase considerably or beaten co-workers, family, or friends who they couldn't beat previously. Fremont Table Tennis Academy Owner Shashin Shodhan, one of the top US players and coaches, leads the private lessons. Private lesson students have often won first place locally and often averaged one medal won per participating student in the premier US tournaments, the US Open and US Nationals, over the past 5 years.

$60 – Juniors Under 18 – 1 1-hr private lesson
$35 – Juniors Under 18 – 1 30-min private lesson
$240 – Juniors Under 18 – 4 1-hr private lessons
$140 – Juniors Under 18 – 4 30-min private lessons
$65 – Adults – 1 1-hr private lesson
$40 – Adults – 1 30-min private lesson
$260 – Adults – 4 1-hr private lessons
$160 – Adults – 4 30-min private lessons

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