Beginner / Intermediate Program [Spring 2019]


Beginner / Intermediate Program [Spring 2019]

The weekend beginner/intermediate program is for kids and adults who can be from fresh beginners with no experience to tournament players. Learn from International Table Tennis Federation certified national coaches with high personal attention. It is open to beginning to intermediate levels and the FTTA coaches can assess the student if the student is not sure if he or she belongs in this program. Each session involves forehands, backhands, footwork, and individualized training. FTTA keeps a maximum of 3 kids per table with a coach on every table. For maximum fun, each class ends with fun games to determine class champions!

Saturday 2:45-4:15 PM, Sunday 3:30-5 PM

Spring 2019-11 Weeks (April 6-7, 2019 through June 15-16, 2019): 1 Day (Saturday or Sunday):
1 Quarter (11 weeks at $25/class with no private lessons) $275
1 Quarter (11 weeks at $23/class with weekly private lessons) $255
Spring 2019-11 Weeks (April 6-7, 2019 through June 15-16, 2019): 2 Days (Both Saturday and Sunday):
1 Quarter (11 Weekends at $46/weekend with no private lessons) -­ $505
1 Quarter (11 Weekends at $42/weekend with weekly private lessons) -­ $460

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