Xiom Hayabusa ZX Blade

Xiom Hayabusa ZX Table Tennis Blade

Xiom Hayabusa ZX Blade


Hayabusa ZX has unique construction of zephylium carbon in its third layer creating a sharp but soft feel. Inside layers were reconstructed to maintain flexibility. This blades allows you to continuously topspin with extra power.

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Brand Xiom Class: OFF Speed: 94 Control: 62 Weight: 85 Plies: 5w,2z/c Thickness: 5.7 Handles: FL, ST, CP

Xiom’s Hayabusa ZX is constructed with a powerful synergy of wood and composite material. Zephylium carbon character in the third layer makes Hayabusa ZX feel sensibly sharp, yet unbelievably softer than other composite blades. Flexibility was kept by the re-construction of the inside layers, regardless of non-wood material. This allows for continuous top spins with extra power. The control phase of your game improves along with your winning opportunities. New paradigm defines Hayabusa ZX optimizing controverisal properties to make the unprecedented table tennis weapon!

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Flared, Straight, Chinese Penhold


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