World Championships-Top 10 Moments (#5-#10)


Here are videos of the top 10 moments from the World Championships (#5-#10):

#10-China’s Xu Xin and Korea’s Yang Haeun win mixed doubles gold in 2015 which was the first time mixed pairs from different countries were formed

#9-Rowe twins win women’s doubles in 1954, the only time twins have won a world title

#8-Chuang Chih-Yuan and Chen Chien-An win gold in men’s doubles, the first medal of any color for Chinese Taipei

#7-Epic Point Between China’s Ma Long and Fang Bo at critical point of men’s singles final in 2015

#6-Denmark’s Michael Maze pulls off epic comeback from down 0-3, 7-10, winning many points lobbing, to make semis of 2005 Worlds in China

#5-China’s Ding Ning recovers from sprained ankle in deciding 7th game to become World Champion.